Our purpose is to help you make your investment in digital marketing technology do its job.

Put simply, we help you get a better unified view of your customers. We then help you convert these richer insights into deeper customer connections via email, sms and other personalised communications touch points.

We’re Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud specialists, however we work with our customers across multiple technology brands and platforms.

We offer the following unbiased and brand agnostic digital marketing technology services: consulting & advice, product/ platform evaluation and selection, implementation and solution architecture, configuration and connection, support and managed services, development and integration, training

Our Services

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Define your vision and goals. Pinpoint problems to be solved and obstacles to be addressed. Identify business priorities. Articulate what your successful investment in Digital Marketing Technology looks like.

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With desired capability and success defined, we architect the solution blueprint, understand current state data, technology and process then map out the plan to deliver the future state in alignment with your vision.

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We onboard and build out your digital marketing technology, connect data sources, create single customer view and deliver your customised new marketing and communications capability.

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Working together with your team, we road test your new CRM and marketing automation installation, adjust, iterate and fine-tune. We boost adoption through education, train the trainer and an ongoing hand in hand partnership.

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We provide ongoing support for the tweaks and changes you’ll want to make incrementally as your CRM and Marketing Cloud utilisation sophisticates. We’ll conduct periodic reviews and provide ongoing training for your team.

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Our team is your team. Exceedigital expertise is on call for all of your special projects, add-on applications and when you simply need more people on your team immediately to meet a deadline or boost efficiency.

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If you are considering investment in new digital marketing technology to replace/upgrade your current capability, we’ll help you evaluate what might serve you best based on your needs, your vision and your budget.

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We will help you understand if you’re getting the most from your current capability before you invest in new technology. We can also help you understand additional benefits you might get from any new investment.


A few decades before the web, digital channels and digital marketing technology were invented, some of the elders in our Exceedigital tribe were pioneering data driven marketing in Australia when direct mail was cool. True story.

We helped many local and international businesses incorporate personalisation and content relevance into their 1:1 print based customer communications. For the next 20 or so years, we partnered with our customers on the migration from old school to “always on”.

Much has changed, but the fundamental principles and practices that underpinned successful customer acquisition, growth and retention (in terms of data management and communications) back then, still apply today.

We now have more data, more channels, the ability to connect instantly, 24/7 and infinite technology to help manage customer relationships and automate marketing.

Talk to a marketing technology provider who looks at life through a digital lens and apparently, we’ve arrived at nirvana for businesses trying to acquire, nurture and grow customers and deliver great experiences.

Talk to a business trying to operate the technology and secure the claimed benefits and the story is different. Complexity, resourcing challenges, integration and adoption problems and non-provisioned costs are some of the less publicised realities we’ve been privy to. Why?

Because somewhere along the digital transformation journey, the focus shifted from the customer to the technology. It is not about the technology.

Automation is not the answer to a flawed customer communications process.

The worlds best CRM is not an instant fix to your fragmented view of customer, poor data quality or disconnected data sources. Rubbish in, rubbish out is as true today as it was when the phrase was invented.

We take a whole-of-business approach to digital marketing technology. An approach that situates your customer relationship strategy and existing systems landscape as the drivers of the solutions we propose.

If you are evaluating new digital marketing technology or need some help with your existing set-up, be it Salesforce or one of many other great product brands, please consider talking to us.

Our team is a unique blend of digital and traditional customer relationship management and personalised communications expertise. Each lends perspective to the other, broadens our thinking and puts your strategy, your unique business requirements and your customers at the centre of every solution we propose.


The worlds best CRM is not an instant fix to your fragmented view of customer, poor data quality or disconnected data sources. Rubbish in, rubbish out is as true today as it was when the phrase was invented. Let’s talk about your strategy, your customers and your business and design a solution that fits YOU.


Exceedigital is a tight team of talented people with over two decades of customer data management and personalised communications experience. We value honesty and straight talk. We deliver results, not rhetoric.

Whether you are considering investment in new CRM and Digital Marketing Technology, onboarding the choice you’ve already made or rolling out all the great functionality and features, we can help.

We believe that CRM and Marketing Cloud solutions such as Salesforce can strengthen your customer relationships, loyalty and retention. Success however, doesn’t magically happen straight out of the box

No two CRM and Marketing Technology implementations are the same. It must be tailored to your environment and strategy, must integrate with your data sources, enable you to speak to your customers in your language and be championed by your team.

Our focus is on helping your team understand, embrace and drive the technology to make it successful. We keep it simple along the way by never losing sight of the prize – to better know your customers, grow their loyalty and value and put them at the centre of your world.

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